Our vision is inspired by
Italo Calvino’s
American lectures

Around Culture is a new company operating in the field of culture, of the arts, of creativity and social innovation, as an integrated platform based on networks of skills, that are reliable, varied and multidisciplinary.
Its main scope is to contribute to the valorisation and the communication of cultural capital, both tangible and intangible, through projects that create convergences, models and synergies, delivering quality experiences.
Its fields of action are all the spheres of culture (heritage, cultural activities, cultural and creative industries, nature and territory), and its actions combine a variety of sectors (from research to new technologies and digital heritage, from sustainable tourism to artistic events, from communication to advocacy services for culture).
Around Culture brings together knowledge, experience, good practices, blending humanistic culture and business culture, innovation in products and processes and the elevation of tradition and memory, the promotion of local territory and the creation of new knowledge, professional expertise and artistic creation. Separate worlds until now kept apart, brought together in action through common interest and opportunity.
Working through projects – the “project culture” – is our preferred approach, an ad hoc space where we can achieve new possibilities and offer tailor-made solutions.
Our model of reference is Italo Calvino’s American lectures: six memos for the next millennium: Lightness as suppleness and flexibility in the solutions we offer and in our collaborations; Quickness in our ability to analyse and to meet requirements, demands and responses; Exactitude in the punctuality of our actions and our adherence to the context in which they take place; Visibility in the screening and public function acknowledged to culture; Multiplicity in the plurality of contributions and knowledge that we can activate; Consistency in the clarity of our procedures.
Around Culture does not aim to simplify or to overcome the complexity of the challenges set by the world of the arts, of culture and creativity in relation to the transformations of contemporary society; rather, it seeks to explore, to exploit the vigour of the connections and interactions, to recombine project methods, to activate a virtuous circle of cause and effect between different subjects, the better to integrate different supply chains, truly to promote a real public-private collaboration, producing effective and exemplary value by shaking up the cultural sector.
In order to do this, Around Culture favours a systemic approach, a competitive cooperation, even if only linked to a specific situation or project, the action of permanent peer-to-peer networks built upon specific opportunities and occasions, through intertwining and weaving.
Around Culture holds strongly to the values of versatility, independence, tenacity, passion, courage, respect, skill and collaboration, and as ethical principles transparency, propriety, both formal and substantial, compliance with rules, and honesty.



Stefano Misiani

Stefano Misiani

managing director

Lucina Giacopini

Lucina Giacopini

archaeology & digital heritage

Alessandro Giacopini

Alessandro Giacopini

project director & multimedia

Francesco Lo Sardo

Francesco Lo Sardo

media & public affairs

Patrizia Paganin

Patrizia Paganin

environment & natural resources

Francesca Predazzi

Francesca Predazzi

communication & external relations

Matteo Malvani

Matteo Malvani

cultural heritage & international projects

Lorenzo Foti

Lorenzo Foti

IT consultant

Giandomenico Ponticelli

Giandomenico Ponticelli

archaeology consultant

Elisabetta Ludovico

Elisabetta Ludovico

institutional relations consultant

Kosta Pavlowitch

Kosta Pavlowitch

international communication consultant

Angela Vicentini

Angela Vicentini

business relations consultant

Michela Scibilia

Michela Scibilia

art director & graphic consultant

Luca Guardabascio

Luca Guardabascio

entertainment partner

Francesco Felli

Francesco Felli

entertainment partner

work with us

Work with us



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